Types of Farm Gates

The choice between a metal or wooden gate is one you may face from time to time. Which one you choose depends on the functionality you need and how long you want it to last. Also, how strong of a gate you need will play a major role. If your gate needs to be on the stronger side, you’ll want to go with solid metal. You can use tubing if it doesn’t have to be extraordinarily strong.

Wood is much softer than metal and is vulnerable to decay. You will have to do more maintenance on your wood gate than with a metal gate. For certain kinds of gates, it’ll be much easier to build them with wood, like a kissing gate. Some gates can also be equipped with an automatic gate opener, but not all of them. No matter which material you decide to use, make sure it’s of high quality and installed properly.

wood gate

Tube Gates

Tube gates, also known as tubular gates, have one defining feature that sets them apart from other types of farm gates; they’re made out of hollow metal tubing. This gives them several benefits over other gates. They’re lighter than their solid metal counterparts, making them easier to install and move. Since the gate is so light, comparatively, the posts supporting it also don’t have to be as heavy.

All things considered, they’re much less of a pain than hanging a gate made out of solid steel. The only downside to tube gates is the fact that they’re not as strong as one made out of solid steel or aluminum.

Deer Gates

A deer gate is designed to keep deer out of your farm. Deer are known for their jumping abilities which makes them hard to keep out. That’s why you have to have a special kind of gate if you have a deer problem. These gates are usually pretty tall, ranging up to 12 feet tall! Even the most athletic deer will not be able to hop a 12 foot gate. The gates are usually filled with wire and reinforced with several bars running horizontally.

Field Gates

A field gate is a generic term. It’s more about the functionality and placement than it is about a specific type of construction. It may be a tube gate, a solid metal gate, or a wooden gate. What makes it a field gate is the size and placement. They’re usually placed at, you might have guessed it, an access point to a field. They also may appear at the access point to a farm or ranch.

Also, you will notice that field gates are usually on the larger side. This is because they are designed to let a wide variety of things pass through. This could range from herds of cattle to large trucks delivering who knows what. The important thing is that anything that needs to get to the farm or field can get through the gate and the livestock are kept safe inside when need be.

Kissing Gates

A kissing gate can come in many different shapes and sizes. Some are rectangular, others are ovular. They can be constructed out of different types of metal or wood. How or what they are constructed of is not what makes them a kissing gate. What makes a kissing gate is the functionality. They’re designed to have an entrance and an exit that cannot be open at the same time.

To open the entrance, you have to close the exit and vice versa. These gates are used to allow people to pass through while making it impossible for livestock to escape. This means they’re on the smaller side and designed to allow one person to go through at a time.