About Us

We’re sure you know all to well that farming is not easy. It seems like one problem after another keeps popping up. Our blog could of focused on a hundred different problems we’ve encountered on our respective farms, but we decided to focus on one of the most important aspects of any property. No matter whether you run a small farm or a small country, you have to secure the perimeter and have an access point to your land. More than likely, you’ll probably need several. That’s why we focus on delivering quality information about gates.

No matter what kind of farm you have, you’ll need a gate or two. Even if you don’t have livestock, you’ll still find yourself wanting to secure parts of your property. You may just want to keep those pesky deer away from your garden, or those coyotes away from your chickens. Believe or not, squirrels can become quite the nuisance to your chicken coop. They have a natural lust for eggs and very sticky fingers. Consider yourself warned.

We made this blog to share our combined expertise in the farming industry. You will learn some neat tips and tricks that only come with decades of experience. Well, in the modern age what used to take decades now can be learned in 20 minutes on the internet. Which is exactly why we made this site. Helping people learn from our mistakes. You can learn how to hang a gate in 20 minutes, but it will take years to master.

Our sincere hope is that you leave our website with tons of information that will save you time, money, and cut back on your headaches. Whether you’re here to learn how to hang a gate or how to install a gate opener, we’ve got you covered. From one farmer to another, we wish you all the best.