Black Creek Farm Gate Openers

Opening your farm gate manually can be a pain in the rear. You have to get out of your car and fumble with the gate countless times every year. That is until you install a hands-free gate opener. These little gadgets make all the difference in the world. They save you countless hours every year and give you peace of mind. The time really adds up when you do the math.

You also won’t have to worry about getting out of your car during a downpour or a blizzard. We are going to cover all you need to know about these gate openers in order to help you make the best buying decision you can make.

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Bump Gate Opener Pros


A bump gate works exactly as it sounds. You bump the gate with your vehicle to get it open. It’s as simple as that. The simplicity of these gate openers is what makes them so affordable. As your vehicle bumps the gate, it opens the latch and the gate glides open. After you drive through, it’ll close all on its own. It’s really neat!

Unaffected By Bad Weather

An electrical system can easily be affected by water, wind, and temperature. If any of these elements become extreme, it can lead to a short circuit and the overall failure of the system. In the same way that it’s harder to start a car in cold temperatures, sometimes electric gate openers give out in these circumstances. Cold weather is very hard on batteries. Additionally, the sensors also fail over time as do other vital parts of the circuitry.

A good bump gate opener can take on torrential downpours and destructive winds with ease. If the product is designed properly, it will work in any inclement weather condition you can think of. You won’t have to take extra precautions to safeguard the safety of the system.

No recurring bills

You won’t have to pay for electricity as is the case with electric gate opener. You can use the opener with whatever frequency and mount as many as you’d like around your farm without the slightest worry about the electric bill. This alleviated expense also adds to the affordability.


It’s mechanical

The bump gate opener is not automated; it opens upon physical contact with a vehicle or a slight push. It won’t magically swing open as you approach, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. You won’t have to get out of your car, and the gate will still close after you. So in that regard, there isn’t much difference between both options, save for the fact that the electric model is using up energy you’re paying for when a bump gate can do the same job.

Less Security

Perhaps the only notable downside to a bump gate is that it grants unlimited access to anyone. Unlike the remote-controlled electric version, this opener doesn’t prevent anyone from entering. Anyone can waltz into your farm whenever they choose. However, farm gates are designed to keep animals out, not people. So it’s actually kind of convenient that anyone can open it. Your friends won’t have to be let in the gate. You also don’t have to buy extra remotes for your family.

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Automatic Electric Gate Opener Pros:

It’s Automated

An automated gate works by receiving an electrical signal through sensors that tells it to open. You need not step out of your car to press any buttons or physically initiate any systems. As you approach the entrance, the gate will swing open. It’ll stay open long enough for you to pass through, then it’ll close behind you.

Excellent Security

Automated gates often come with a remote control point which is typically inside the house. When paired with cameras, owners can allow passage or lockout strangers from the farm as they please. Unfamiliar faces and those with ill-motives won’t be able to come and go as they wish. This benefit also works the other way around, in that the homeowner can keep animals or children in.

Added Property Value

Albeit slightly, automated gates can help you squeeze more money off a property you’re looking to sell. A lovely design from a notable brand can help you squeeze out a little more cash when you decide to up and leave. Even if you aren’t looking to sell, automated gates prove appealing for the mere reason that they can bolster your real estate value. Who doesn’t want to live on an extremely valuable estate?


It Depends on Electricity

What happens to the automated gate opener when the power is out? Well, it doesn’t work, and you’ll resort to doing the opening and closing yourself. Even if the electrical system has a back up in place, an extended outage means the system will give out sooner or later. So automatic electrical openers are not very reliable as they depend on a source of power. But let’s keep it real, how often does your power go out and how long does it stay out? If your power is out for more than a day or two, you’ll have bigger problems to worry about than your automatic gate not working.

Significant Electrical Bills

You might think it inconsequential how much electricity such an opener uses, but it can inflate your utility bills considerably. Not only does it take up power when in use, but also when on stand-by. That is particularly the case if you own a place where the gate is always active thanks to people going in and out all day. Heavy to medium usage can add tens of dollars to your electric bill each month, especially if you have a large space that requires multiple gate openers.

Prone to Malfunctions

An automatic electrical gate opener is quite susceptible to breaking down due to the many electrical components and sensors in the construction. Regular breakdowns mean frequent repairs which in turn result in a hefty recurring expense. This can be somewhat avoided buy shelling out some extra cash for a reputable brand name opener. But even the best of the best can be overcome by inclement weather and normal wear and tear.

My Opinion

The bump gate opener or the automatic opener; which is better? While the latter is no doubt convenient and ensures more control over movement, it does so at
considerable expense. The added privileges it provides aren’t that significant and doesn’t justify getting a sophisticated system that is susceptible to breakdowns when
you can simply get a mechanical solution that’s just as good without the associated costs. But if money is not a concern of yours, then you will have to consider the other pros and cons.

In a nutshell, the hands-free mechanical gate opener wins this fight in our opinion. It edges out its rival due to its affordability, reliability, and durability. From a holistic perspective, it’s the best gate opener you could get.